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  • Wattle, or hurdle fencing is a traditional garden or livestock enclosure made from either willow or hazelwood. Last week we took delivery of a forty foot long

  • I wrote a few days ago regarding my excitement about the delivery of a container load of hazel wood hurdles from Belgium; the order we placed in May finally arrived.

  • Posts Related to fence panels manufacturers belgium. cheap garden fencing panels. ... Winterbourne Willows makes and sells handmade willow hurdles and hurdle fencing.

  • It took Fleur under a year of training to jump over a fence and she can reportedly jump around two-and-a-half feet ... Hurdle Jumping Cow from Belgium (Video ...

  • Antwerps Scherm Centrum or Fencing Centre ANTWERP is one of the fencingclubs in the Dutch part of Belgium. We have training in the university sports hall in Antwerp ...

  • Country hurdles are makers of fine willow hurdles and panels. These are woven fencing panels made from strong, pliable withies (better ...

  • Hazelwood Hurdle Fence Panel. Buy $195.00. Our handcrafted hurdle fence panels are woven from the coppice wood of the hazel tree.

  • Hurdle Jumping Cow from Belgium. Hanne Claeys, an 11-year-old Belgian girl from West Flanders, is teaching her cow Fleur how to jump over hurdles like a horse.

  • An 11-year-old Belgian girl has taught her cow to jump over a hurdle. It took Fleur the cow just under a year of training to jump over a fence